Master Goodtime

Soundtracks for Motivation

Electronic Music Artist Master Goodtime

Soundtracks for Motivation

Hello, I'm Master Goodtime, born in 1966, and as a media artist I produce electronic soundtracks in mixed sound styles for motivation in different areas of life, also as background music for movies, presentations and campaigns.

My music carreer was started in 1983, as a German pioneer of the DJ-mixing-art, with international Hit-Megamixes of the genres Disco, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop und Rock, for Radiostationens and dance clubs in Berlin.

Since 2006 I produce my own soundtracks with computer, keyboard, synthesizer and a music software in my home studio in Berlin.

My electronic soundtracks are available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, and will be published for the first time at Soundcloud and Youtube.

In 2017, I won my first music contest via online voting, which was organized by a well-known music software company.